The announcement of a second lockdown across England means that all non-essential businesses, including beauty salons and clinics, must remain closed until December 2nd.

It’s not the news that we wanted to hear, but as the country unites to defeat the coronavirus pandemic the beauty industry, like so many other sectors, continues to be affected.

Whilst we may not be able to control what is going on across the globe right now, we do have control over how we respond to this enforced downtime, by keeping ourselves busy with planning and developing our business skills for when it’s all over.

Want To Use Lockdown Productively?

During the lockdown period, there are many opportunities to maintain your brand, support your clients, and investigate different ways to earn revenue. You just need to know where to turn for inspiration!

If you are finding these unprecedented times challenging then you are not alone. One way to boost your feel-good factor and use your time constructively is to join groups and network with other industry professionals online by sharing stories and ideas.

We’ve been busy over the last few days creating our Lockdown Marketing Bootcamp—a FREE online Facebook event dedicated to helping PMUs and beauticians to stay in touch and learn new marketing skills over the next four weeks.

Creating the group and the content for the course has helped to keep our minds active—and, of course, we love sharing our knowledge with you to guide you towards success!

Our PMU and Beauty Mentor, Jenna Leigh has a wealth of industry experience to share—here are a few ideas to get you revved up and ready for the Bootcamp launch!

Stay In Touch With Your Clients

This is really important—especially in the run-up to the festive season which is usually such a busy time for salons and clinics.  Check-in with your database of clients with a seasonal email full of tips to help them maintain their beauty routine until you can reopen.

Out of sight is out of mind, so stay in touch! If you offer online products to purchase, include a discount code to generate income from retail sales—and remind them that the products make thoughtful Christmas gifts as well.

Collaborate With Your Suppliers

We are all in the same boat right now, so use this period to get in contact with your product suppliers and see how they plan to support your business. Some brands are offering tutorial videos which can be used on your social media channels or website.

Take time for yourself

Planning for your future is important, but so is ‘me-time’. Don’t feel guilty about stepping away from your business occasionally for a winter walk, a yoga class—or even to enjoy a guilt-free movie afternoon complete with popcorn and pyjamas. After a short break, you often come back with a more positive and productive mindset.

Join Jenna online on November 8th

The Lockdown Marketing Bootcamp will be online from 8th November, when Jenna will present the first in a series of Facebook Live Events designed to spark ideas that could turn into an additional revenue stream.

Join the Facebook Group now – and as an added incentive there will be some amazing giveaways taking place too.  Prizes will include 1-1 online coaching and training courses from PMU experts Layla Hinchin, Emma Baglee, Alice Kingdom as well as Jenna herself.

We hope to see you at the Lockdown Marketing Bootcamp soon!