You might have heard about cosmetic tattoos, the latest beauty trend. Given that permanent makeup is applied to some of the most tender areas of your body, aftercare is necessary to ensure the best results following a procedure. Here we share our top aftercare tips.

Why Does Permanent Makeup Need Aftercare?

Once you’ve had permanent makeup applied to your skin, the skin will need time to heal immediately afterward. But even once it’s healed, proper care will keep it looking its best longer and ensure it doesn’t prematurely fade or peel.

Because permanent makeup is similar to a tattoo applied only to the top layer of skin, it leaves the skin open to the possibility of infection. But with quick proper cleaning, you will protect your skin from potentially harmful bacteria.

The skin also needs to be moisturized entirely to avoid cracking. Keeping your skin hydrated ensures a tattooed area’s pigment doesn’t dry out.

Immediately After the Treatment

The first few days after your procedure, gently wash the tattooed area with only warm water in the morning and pat it dry. After a few days, you can begin using soap, but ensure that it’s not perfumed and use a small amount.

Next, seal your tattoo with the petroleum jelly or balm provided by your cosmetic tattooist, and try to use a cotton pad for extra hygiene. This locks moisture into the area.

Finally, put suncream on even if you don’t have plans to be in strong sunlight. Even when the sun is not bright, UV rays can damage skin, and tattoos are particularly sensitive.

The area may flake or scab, but this is normal. Don’t pick at the scabs and allow them to fall off before restarting your aftercare routine.

Extra Care Tips

  • Swimming immediately after your procedure is not recommended. But after 2–4 weeks, if you go swimming, make sure to wash the area and apply balm to keep the chlorine from stinging and drying out your cosmetic tattoo.
  • Although it’s hard, do your best not to touch your cosmetic tattoo as it heals. Prodding and touching can cause infections, disrupting the healing process.
  • During your evening routine, try to use a gentle cleanser to wash your face. Avoid lotions and creams – it’s best to have fresh air around your tattoo so that it can heal properly.

Caring for Permanent Makeup Correctly

If you opt for a permanent make-up procedure, make sure to follow these aftercare tips. Not only will it help your permanent makeup to heal well and look its best, but it will also extend the longevity of the procedure.