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Hey! So you have landed on our website, in fact you’ve landed on many website, searching for a course or a way out of your current situation for a better way of living!

We hear you! We understand you! We have BEEN YOU!

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Jenna Leigh set up these complimentary career consultation calls to really be able to help answer your questions about whether the industry is the right step for you! “I was searching for weeks, months even, trying to find the right academy to start my permanent makeup career! Eventually, I’d got so confused with all the different courses, academies and prices that I started to talk myself out of it.

“Who do I chose?” “Why are they so expensive?” “Maybe the cheaper one will be better incase i’m not good at it!” “What the difference between which course?”

Then coming back to the search again, I would be even closer to booking but then I would doubt myself and again had the scarcity with investing my time and money into something I was so excited about but so unsure about!

I just didn’t know who to turn to, which academy to chose, what course to chose and it became so overwhelming I shied away from it again. Most places didn’t want to pick up the phone and answered only via email or social media. With my extensive customer service background I really didn’t understand how someone, like me, was supposed to have the confidence to book and invest in such a big financial commitment without really knowing if it was the right move for me and my future career”

permanent makeup

There is no obligation to book a course after your career consultation call! It just allows us to cut out the technology in between emails or online text trying to answer your questions with a tailored solution to you and where you are in life right now!

We want to make sure that you invest into the right industry first before investing into a new career and course! So let’s get you booked in so we can have a chat about where you are now, where you would love to be and how you can fill the gap. The gap may not be filled with one of our mentorships or courses but at least you will have clarity that this isn’t the right move for you.

We know how scary it can be, investing time and money into something you are unsure about and repeatedly asking yourself

“‘Will I even be good at it?” “What if I don’t get any clients?” “What if I can’t build a business”

Don’t worry – we have your back and this is why we have the career consultation calls in place so that we can tailor the right recommendation to you and your current situation.

So go ahead, what are you waiting for?

Book your complimentary career consultation call now